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Yvonne Memory - Crocheter and Felter


Saddleworth Creative Network is a gem for local small businesses and hobby enthusiasts who wish to showcase their products to the local community via face book and through the very successful Craft Markets now held regularly at Uppermill Civic Hall.

The network members are there for ideas and inspiration and to promote local business, a vital channel for small traders to showcase their products within the current recession.




Carol Oldham - Saddleworth and Lees Independent Business Network


Saddleworth and Lees Independent Business Network is a community led business network, which has a membership of over 200 business from the local area.

Many of our members who are in the creative businesses are members of Saddleworth Creative Network, the majority of these are home workers who sell online or via fairs and events.  

Saddleworth Creative Network has given our members opportunities to sell locally where previously there was little on offer.  They have breathed new life into this area of industry, which is fundamental to the local economy.

Uppermill where the network holds their fairs has always encouraged tourism, local crafts were always a big draw, with the Alexandra Craft Centre being central to this.  The craft centre sadly closed over a decade ago but the networks craft fairs have brought in visitors, who after experiencing what the area has to offer, return and support other business members.

In addition, Saddleworth Creative Network is an active member of Saddleworth and Lees Independent Business Network themselves and as an organisation support and work with a wide range of member businesses from across the parishes.

Saddleworth and Lees Independent Business Network give our total support to Saddleworth Creative Network both as a member and a partnership organisation and commend their work to promote tourism and support businesses.  They fully deserve to be recognised for their endeavours.

Carol Oldham

Network Leader

Saddleworth and Lees Independent Business Network



Deborah Jackson -

An amazing range of talent, brilliantly organised and very welcoming and friendly atmosphere  Always loads of discerning and lovely visitors. Raising funds for local charities is a brilliant touch and always well supported too.



Helen Morris - Handmade By Helen

I’ve been trading at these events for just over a year now and they’re always really well-organised, friendly and fun.  Everything on sale is beautifully handmade, from jewellery to cakes to cards and much more besides. I love trading here, especially when there’s an opportunity to demonstrate our skills at the ‘Making and Doing’ events.



Mary Shaw - Lilyshaw

I love taking part in the SCN Craft Fairs/Festivals and have made many creative friends through the Creative Network: an amazing community of crafters sharing a wealth of support and advice.